Nights are lonely, days are long

Close my eyes, hear your song

The touch, the feel, your hand in mine

So much, so real, a world divine

I miss you terribly, my heart it aches

Beats so variably, breath it takes…


Your eyes angelic, soft and sweet

I’ll never forget the day we meet

My world just stopped, time stood still

There’s nothing more that I could feel

If only to hold you, one more dance

Twisted souls, sweet romance

Remembering your smile, light the day

All my worries, washed away


I sit here thinking, it can’t be real

My tears keep falling, my heart won’t heal

Stare at the moon, deep in the night

You’re my star, you’re my light

Wherever you are, I hope you know

I will always and forever, love you so

I am with you, hand on my heart

No one or nothing, will break that apart



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You & Me

Sitting on the porch, staring at the stars
Everything’s red and orange like Mars
Walking in the street, staring at my feet
Waiting at that place, where we should meet
Wandering in the clouds, up so high
Lost in the moment, staring at the sky
Looking in my soul, nothing to be found
Listening to my heart, I do not hear a sound
The feeling of my skin, as cold as ice
Letting go of sin, feels so nice
My eyes are closed, my mind is free
Opening up, I thought you’d see
Here I am waiting, all alone
Trapped in diamonds, set in stone
Fires flame up, melt my heart
All the this pain, is ripped apart
Somewhere out there, lies the key
Open your eyes and you’ll find me
Caressing your hair, touching your face
Kissing your lips, heartbeats race
Holding you tight, whispering sweet
Warmth and passion, filled with heat
We dance in the rain, eye to eye
Live like a dream, never to die
We are as it should be, joined as one
Our souls are finally set free, life…is…done
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Dream or Reality?

The suns beats down and warms my skin

Silence beckons, drop of pin

Catch the spirit around my soul

Strength and goodness, makes me whole

Clouds move in, warm and gray

Wind it whistles, words to say

Ice cold rain begins to fall

Sky grows dark, telling all

Gaze above where lightning strikes

Hair on arms, stand like spikes

Heart beats faster, fade to dream

Fog rolls into but warm like steam

Out from the light, a vision appears

Time stands still, minutes to years

A dark silhouette, walks my way

Trees beyond, begin to sway

All my fears, tear in deep

One step closer, it starts to creep

Body is frozen, then out of the light

A beauty of gods, before my sight

Lips the quiver, i start to speak

Body is frozen, feel so weak

She takes my hand, guides it slow

Next to heart, A warm lit glow

All my tensions, fade away

All my fears, have gone astray

She pulls me close, wrapped up tight

I hold her near, from day to night

Her warm embrace, soft and sweet

Her eyes of angel, mine they meet

In the distance, I hear a sound

Darkness closes, all around

Her presence fades, I’m all alone

I hear the buzz of my phone

Wake up, wake up, it’s all a dream

Things are not what they seem

Was she real, future or past

Wishing and hoping, the dream would last




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