Dream or Reality?

The suns beats down and warms my skin

Silence beckons, drop of pin

Catch the spirit around my soul

Strength and goodness, makes me whole

Clouds move in, warm and gray

Wind it whistles, words to say

Ice cold rain begins to fall

Sky grows dark, telling all

Gaze above where lightning strikes

Hair on arms, stand like spikes

Heart beats faster, fade to dream

Fog rolls into but warm like steam

Out from the light, a vision appears

Time stands still, minutes to years

A dark silhouette, walks my way

Trees beyond, begin to sway

All my fears, tear in deep

One step closer, it starts to creep

Body is frozen, then out of the light

A beauty of gods, before my sight

Lips the quiver, i start to speak

Body is frozen, feel so weak

She takes my hand, guides it slow

Next to heart, A warm lit glow

All my tensions, fade away

All my fears, have gone astray

She pulls me close, wrapped up tight

I hold her near, from day to night

Her warm embrace, soft and sweet

Her eyes of angel, mine they meet

In the distance, I hear a sound

Darkness closes, all around

Her presence fades, I’m all alone

I hear the buzz of my phone

Wake up, wake up, it’s all a dream

Things are not what they seem

Was she real, future or past

Wishing and hoping, the dream would last




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Found in Forest

Standing in a forest, surrounded by the trees

Falling to the ground, sitting on knees

The sunlight shines and warms my skin

The clouds move in, the rain sets in


You close your eyes and see a dream

You hear the water from a nearby stream

Your eyes they open, your heart grows warm

The clouds grow dark and brings a storm


You see the vision never thought real

A fantasy, a myth…that finally you feel

Touching the tips of fingers grown near

Happiness aloft, a smile, a tear


One long embrace as the world spins around

Thunder and lightning without a sound

Nothing feels better than what stands by your side

Nothing can break this knot that is tied






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No More Chains

To walk along the ocean as sun sets red

Forgetting all your troubles, putting them to bed

A dreamlike vision falls from above

A power, a feeling filled with love

Molds your heart and steals your soul

Fills you up and makes you whole

The shadow of doubt has faded away

To settle within, a place to stay

You carry a torch that burns of fire

Your insides ache, a true desire

A single touch, your body quakes

To quiver and shiver the bed it shakes

Drenched in sweat, heat intense

The feeling of passion is so immense

Yours eyes they open as you feel free

For once in your life, you can see

Letting it all go, no more walls

Follow the beats, your heart it calls…



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