Found in Forest

Standing in a forest, surrounded by the trees

Falling to the ground, sitting on knees

The sunlight shines and warms my skin

The clouds move in, the rain sets in


You close your eyes and see a dream

You hear the water from a nearby stream

Your eyes they open, your heart grows warm

The clouds grow dark and brings a storm


You see the vision never thought real

A fantasy, a myth…that finally you feel

Touching the tips of fingers grown near

Happiness aloft, a smile, a tear


One long embrace as the world spins around

Thunder and lightning without a sound

Nothing feels better than what stands by your side

Nothing can break this knot that is tied






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No More Chains

To walk along the ocean as sun sets red

Forgetting all your troubles, putting them to bed

A dreamlike vision falls from above

A power, a feeling filled with love

Molds your heart and steals your soul

Fills you up and makes you whole

The shadow of doubt has faded away

To settle within, a place to stay

You carry a torch that burns of fire

Your insides ache, a true desire

A single touch, your body quakes

To quiver and shiver the bed it shakes

Drenched in sweat, heat intense

The feeling of passion is so immense

Yours eyes they open as you feel free

For once in your life, you can see

Letting it all go, no more walls

Follow the beats, your heart it calls…



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Step into the Light

Living in a world that we never thought we knew

Living like a dream, a breath taking view

Standing on edge…Looking down and out

Shedding your fear, losing your doubt

Taking a leap without looking back

No mare darkness, no more black

Your soul is free, no boundary or wall

Happy filled love, a world so small

Catch a glimpse of sun filled light

Touching and swirling stars of night

Carry me deep on a brand new day

The dark before me fades away

My eyes they open and there you are

An angel of light, a midnight star

Take my hand and let it go

Your heart will follow, your soul will grow….

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